What Are Antioxidants?

The question of what are antioxidants? It is one of the most common questions by many people. These are persons who want to know how they can help to make their lives better by making improvements. Generally, these are substances that are used to prevent the process of oxidation from taking place in the body. Although there are countless processes taking place in your body, all of them need oxygen so that they can go through well.  Further on in this article we discuss the role of Omega 3 fatty acids in facilitating cell membrane transport.  Taking an extra strength fish oil supplement assures a healthy cell membrane.

antioxidantsWith the important role played by oxygen in the body, it also has another effect. This is that it leads to damage to the cells. The results of this are that a person ends up aging prematurely and being affected by a number of serious illnesses.

There are a number of foods that contain antioxidants including lycopene as well as Vitamin A and E.  Although a healthy diet might provide the amount of antioxidant that is required, there are several supplements that have them as well. Research has come up with other results that show the benefits of mixing up nutrients, vitamins as well as minerals. By blending them all naturally, you get to enjoy their effect. Antioxidants have been found to be effective in eliminating free radicals.  They are necessary if you’re to enjoy good health and appearance since it impacts on the skin too.  These are formed naturally when the body is undertaking its metabolic processes.

There are other ways that the free radicals are made including from cigarette smoking as well as radiations. Drinking the wrong kind of water can also lead to the formation of the radicals as well. This is why most people are looking for ways of better understanding the antioxidants.

By doing this, it becomes much easier to utilize them in order to find the kind of gains that can be reaped from this.  Fruits and vegetables have been found to be some food stuffs that contain the right levels of antioxidants.  Although understanding the antioxidants might become quite tricky, it is better to capture the way it functions or food types that can bring them out.

Other factors which damage the cells include pollution.  Poor diets are another factor that works by damaging the cells as well and this leads to heath conditions such as heart and liver problems. Others include cancer which has been linked to the effect of the free radicals.

Cells become diseased when they are not supplied with necessary nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.  One of the factors that facilitates the movement of nutrients into and toxins out of cells is the fatty acid composition of the cell membrane.  A deficit of Omega 3 fats in the cell membrane tends to stiffen the membrane and reduce the ability of nutrients to pass in and toxins to pass out.  A pharmaceutical grade fish oil capsule taken two to three times daily will supply the necessary Omega 3 fatty acids for optimal cell membrane composition.

The antioxidants help in playing an important function in the body.  They repair the damaged cells as well as helping the good ones to stay healthy.  This is the reason why taking an adequate amount of antioxidants while you’re still young helps even when growing older. That is one of the ways in which a person can live healthy. The good thing is that you can start from any age.


Living healthy with the use of antioxidants can be started by a person of any age or sex. Since the effects on the body are still positive, there is no reason why you should not start. There are certain types of fruits that are known to have higher amounts of antioxidants including different types of berries. Vegetables that are dark green are another type of antioxidant including kales and even spinach. Any person that takes them is guaranteed the right amount of antioxidants in the body. This has been shown to reduce the chances of getting other illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson disease.

Although the free radicals are every part of a person being alive, the antioxidants help to keep them in check. Since they are produced from the activities involved in our daily lives, there is no way of actually preventing oxidation from happening. There are certain activities that have a direct impact on the oxidative conditions of the body. This includes exercise which tends to bring about an increase in the oxygen intake.

Body building exercises are other activities that are known to increase the process of oxidation. For persons who participate in this kind of physical exercises, the radical generation is not exactly something to worry about.  With regular exercises, the end result is that the defense system of the body antioxidant is improved. However, intense regimens tend to do more harm than actual good.


How To Prevent A Heart Attack.

Heart Disease Is A Consequence Of Lifestyle

Heart diseases are the leading cause of death. It is may seem very difficult to control some factors that lead to heart diseases. These include history of the family, age and sex. It is believed that the family history can lead to one suffering a heart attack. If a person in your lineage happened to experience it then it is very possible that you can suffer it as well.  This is because the factors can be passed on from one generation to another through the genes. Individuals who are much older, especially above the age of 65 are more prone to suffer from heart attack. This is because the organs are usually aged and it becomes difficult for them to carry out their normal functions.

Overweight mature man with pizza

It is possible to prevent heart attacks by adopting various healthy lifestyles. Below are some ways in which one can prevent this dangerous disease from affect him or her.

Avoid tobacco use

Smoking of cigarettes is not healthy at all. It does not matter how much one is smoking. This is because even the small intakes of the burnt tobacco can lead to severe complications and even death. When one smokes a cigarette, this gas finds its way to the lungs and it is here that its absorption to the blood capillaries takes place. The gas is carbon monoxide which is got from burning tobacco with less supply of oxygen. When it reaches the blood vessels it blocks the cells from combining with oxygen. This means that all red blood cells can be deprived of oxygen causing one to suffer a heart attack.

Another way that people suffer from heart attack is that there is a compound called plaque which attaches itself to the walls of the blood vessels. This compound can leave a small space for the blood to pass. The blood being supplied it is not enough for the body and this makes the heart to pump the blood faster causing it to be fatigued. This can make it to fail and eventually one can die.

The other means of a person to suffer from an attack of the heart is that the arteries can collapse making the blockage of the blood vessels. The blood can’t reach the heart and that means that there will be shortage of oxygen supply.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise has been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease.  It is advisable that a person to exercise as many times as possible in a week. This helps a person to have a good supply of the blood to all parts of the body. One is also able to control the fat deposits in the blood vessels.

exercise regularly

By controlling a lot of fat deposits the blood can flow properly and reach the heart. Coronary artery is well known to nourish the heart. If it is blocked then there is no supply of blood to the heart a case that leads to heart failure or even death. Exercises ensure that each an every cell gets blood without high pressure.

Eat healthy

When individuals eat a healthy diet they are usually very sure of reduced risks of heart diseases. A diet which has high content of fats can lead to one suffering from hypertension. But when you are avoiding fat, don’t avoid polyunsaturated Omega 3 fats.  This is because the fat deposits can get their ways to the blood vessels narrowing the path of blood flow. In return the heart can pump blood with much vigor making it to be fatigued. Through this means one can suffer from an attack of the heart. One is advised to take vegetables, fruits and whole grains. This is because these types of foods have high fat content.  There are different types of fats like polyunsaturated, transaturated, monosaturated and saturated. It is important to avoid these types of foods or one can consume with moderation. Sources of the saturated fats include: red meat, palm oils and dairy products.

Take an Omega 3 fish oil supplement

In addition it is helpful to consume Omega 3 fatty acids like those that are found in cold water fish.  If you don’t like fish you can take a fish oil supplement.  I recommend taking at least two 1000mg fish oil capsules daily.

Get enough quality sleep

Lack of sleep can be a threat to your general health. Individuals who lack enough sleep have higher chances of suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack among many other deadly diseases. People who suffer from sleep apnea get it difficult in life because the airflow is usually blocked. This can be in the trachea preventing a person from getting enough oxygen. This can lead to heart attack and death if not attended immediately.

A Good Diet Is Your Best Health Insurance

healthy diet

Everyone should eat a healthy diet in order to live longer.  Millions of people still are ignorant about the right diet that can go well with them.

Nowadays both adult and childhood obesity are common. Overweight problems have been linked to some of the most complicated health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, arthritis and the like.  Much as the sugary foods and pastries always sound sweet, the complications that come with them can be fatal.  It is therefore very important to do away with such foods or simply take them in low quantities that don’t harm the body.

One of the main things that many people have always overlooked is to have a well balanced meal. Well, it varies from one person to another but the most basic nutrients have to be maintained in order to be guaranteed of a healthy body system. Eating healthy will always start with taking fresh vegetables, whole grains, and also reducing foods that have much sugar, salt and fats.  Be sure to supplement your diet with Omega-3 fats which can be found in fish oil.  Make sure to take a pharmaceutical grade fish oil product.

Medical doctors really aren’t qualified to advise you on diet and health other than to say “you’ve got to eat better”.  Chiropractors are well educated in clinical nutrition and therefore are qualified to use nutritional therapies and advise on diet.  Chiropractors in St. Louis Park are well educated in diet, nutrition and health, and in the new discipline of functional medicine.  Most chiropractors can also sell you


Eating like our grand parents

Junk foods are also a threat to your health since they contain a lot of fats, and will also impair the normal functioning of the body when they are taken consistently.  There are some factors that should be considered if you want to maintain a well-balanced diet:

  • You need to look for a variety of foods. In the case of fruits, do not go for one type. When full combinations of fruits are used, then you will get all the nutrients from them, which is good for the immunity of the body.
  • Take plenty of water as it is the most effective detoxifying agent. Water is an essential liquid that purifies the body and also facilitates the process of digestion. It has been discovered that water is an effective remedy when it comes to the building of a strong immune system. The recommended quantity is usually 8 glasses or more in a day.
  • Make your diet simplified. Most people get it wrong when they watch out for their body size, calories, or even reducing food intake in order to grow thin. Well, this will turn out to be destructive because when it comes to managing weight, it is just a gradual process and much has to come from the self esteem of the individual. In this case, feel great about yourself, and focus your diet on the easy recipe foods that have fresh ingredients and a whole combination of nutrients, aim to make them delicious.
  • Changing your diet overnight is difficult. In this case, always start with the small steps that are easy to manage. You can start off by adding salads, using some olive oil for cooking, and including some whole meal grains. When this turns into a habit, you can be sure of effective results within no time.
  • Good dieting is always done along with exercises. For the workaholics, you can introduce your own gym in the house and make a vow to conduct the morning and evening sessions on a daily basis. Getting some friends to join you can keep you motivated, your health will start flourishing and the extra pounds will gradually come down and leave you a healthy person.

The overall solution for a healthy body is the food you eat. It is necessary to check on the nutritional experts and get the facts on the kind of foods that you should switch to. Only eat to get satisfied and taking much just because of the delicacy normally leads to other complications such as constipation and bloating. A well balanced diet comprises of all the nutrients such as carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, minerals and some fiber.

Always avoid the junk foods and fatty snacks as they always add the quantity of calories.

chiropractic health care


A good eating style will finally lead to a healthy long life free from sickness and other complications.  Those who maintain discipline in their eating habits will always look renewed, healthy and energized all the time. Some regular exercises are also an added advantage as you will keep the body active.  If you need the help of a health professional see a naturopathic physician or a chiropractor in Minneapolis.